Rides: Tuesday 9th October 2018

Legro’s October wind down camp, todays rides vary so please try to pick a group suitable for your capabilities.

All group will be leaving at 9 am

Meeting points is outside the Duva front door.

All Groups Leaving at 9:00 am today to avoid weather
We do not intend to have a café stop to get back before the weather changes.
Please take a snack e.g. banana, energy bar.

Group 1 – Sineu
Depart 9:00 am | No Cafe Stop| approx 50 Miles
Undulating roads

Group 2 – Sineu
Depart: 9:00am | No Cafe Stop | Distance: 50 miles
Undulating roads

Group 3 – Llubi
Depart: 9:00am | No Café Stop | Distance: 35 miles
Flat roads
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