We are ready and waiting…

We are just a week away from the start of our May Camp and are really looking forward to meeting and riding with you all. Here are few tips to help you get the most out of your camp.

What to pack

So you’ve got all your kit ready and your bike has been serviced ready for the trip but are you really prepared? While we are expecting good weather this is an island and the weather can change very quickly. It’s always good to pack for the unexpected. We alway recommend at least packing the following in addition to your normal kit:
Gilet – especially for those days when we head into the mountains
Arm warmers – the morning can be a little cooler than you might expect
Rain coat – there is still the chance of light showers in April
Sunblock – hey we’ve just spent the last 6 months under grey skies
Gels and energy mix and water bottles – you’ll need fuel for the long days in the saddle
Spare tubes and pump – you don’t want a puncture to spoil your days ride
Helmet – it is the law in Spain, so no helmet, no ride

What to do when you arrive

Once you’ve checked in and settled you’ll want to build your bike. Drink some water while you are at it it’ll help the body adjust after the flight. Check you have all your kit and then take the bike out for a short test ride. Take it easy, we recommend you do a short loop around the bay. That way if you do run into problems you are not too far from help. If this is your first time ask one of our group leaders for some advice.

Meet and greet

We have a meet and greet on the Sunday evening May 5, in the bar area of the Bahia at 5pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the other riders, the group leader, massage team and other key staff. It’s also an ideal opportunity to ask any questions or work out the best group to ride in. We look forward to seeing you there.

Where to find information about the rides

Each days rides are posted on our blog and on the notice boards in the Bahia reception. These are normally up around dinner time and list the following days routes and distances for each group. We have a separate post with all the meeting points. Click here for more info.


We look forward seeing you.