What group should I ride in?

We made some changes last year to make the groups a little simpler to understand. We will be following the same set-up this year. We now have 6 groups to choose from. Find out which one is best for you.

The Groups

Group 1: Elite racing cyclist. Hard pace: 22-23 mph avg. 80-100 miles each day. No stops apart from mechanical or the odd water stop

Group 2: Above average club rider. Moderate to hard pace: 20-21 mph avg. 60-100 miles each day. The odd café stop

Group 3: Approx. 1 mph slower than Group 2 similar/same distance

Group 4: Average club rider. Moderate pace: 18-19 mph avg.  50-80 miles each day. There will be a café stop most rides

Group 5: Approx. 1 mph slower than Group 4 similar/same distance

Group 6: Average fun cyclist Steady pace: 14-15 mph average 30-60 miles each day. 1-2 café stops and stops for places of interests

Note: The speeds are just an estimate and are dependent on road and weather conditions. If in doubt, drop down a group and work your way up. I want to encourage everyone to move up and down groups occasionally to either have an easier day or a better/harder ride if that’s what you want. If in doubt the group leaders can always advise you.

The Group Leaders

Group 1: Vince Devine  Wilko

Group 2: Garry Russell, Jo Munden

Group 3: Ed MacInnes, Jill Wilkinson, George Olive

Group 4  Ian Piper, Neil Johnston, Ian Cooper,  Adey Dent

Group 5: Paul Dodd, Tim Read, Tony Ryan , Claire Lee

Group 6: Alana Russell, Adam Roberts

View all the group leaders profiles here: www.legrostrainingcamp.com/the-team

The Meeting Points

Group 1: Outside Habitat reception

Group 2: On road nearside Habitat    (was Group 2a fast)

Group 3: On road nearside Habitat    (was Group 2a normal pace)

Group 4: On road offside Habitat       (was Group 2b fast)

Group 5: On road, offside Habitat      (was Group 2b normal pace)

Group 6: At the opposite end of Habitat carpark   (was Group 3)