Rides: Wednesday 10 April 2019

Weather for Wednesday is looking like it might be wet in the morning. We still have long rides planned for each group but if the bad weather closes in we will offer a shorter structured workout. So please meet as usual and we will keep you posted if the plans change.

Meeting points and groups details are on the noticeboard and on our blog: What group should I ride in?

The group rides will be as follows:

Group 1 – 115 miles – 10am
Inca – Valldemossa – Puig Major – Sa Calobra

Group 2/3 – 30 miles – 10am
Recovery Ride – Out via lanes Stop at Campanet Caves – Bumps

Group 4 – 65 miles – 10am
Sa Pobla – Llubi – Stop at Santa Maria – Campanet

Group 5 – 60 miles – 10am
Sa Pobla  Pipe Track – Stop at Santa Maria – Campanet

Group 6 – 45 miles – 10am
Lanes to Sa Pobla – toward Inca – Stop at Llubi – Sa Pobla

In case of emergency on the road, please contact our driver:
Mark Barry: +44 793190 9974

Follow us on Instagram for daily weather reports and pics from the days rides: www.instagram.com/legrostrainingcamp