Monasteries and Mountains

These are very challenging rides. If you are unsure, please chat to the group leaders.
Please check your group departure times

Group 1 & 2 – Randa and Sant Salvador 

Departs: 9:30am
Distance: 105 miles
Route: Sa Pobla, Randa, Sant Salvador, Petra 


Group 3 & 4 – Legro’s Big One Reverse

Departs: 9:30am
Distance: 90 miles
Route: Lluc, Puig Major, Sóller, Orient, Selva 

Group 3 & 4 – Sa Calobra

Departs: 9:30am
Distance: 55 miles
Route: Lluc, Sa Calobra, Lluc 

Both Group 3 & 4 rides will leave together and split at the orange seller (Sa Calobra)


Group 5 – Sa Calobra (van transfer to Sa Calobra – limited to 8 riders)

Depart: 9:30am
Distance: 20-35 miles
Route: Sa Calobra


Group 5 – Legro’s Little Big One

Depart: 10:00am
Distance: 65 miles
Route: Sa Pobla, Coll d’Honor, Orient, Alaro 


Group 6 – Llubi

Depart: 10:00am
Distance: 40 miles
Route: Campanet, Sa Pobla, Llubi, Muro


Important note: We are expecting winds from the north tomorrow. This can cause the temperatures to drop in the mountains. So please take a gillet/rain jacket/arm warmers/etc.