Day: May 13, 2023

Sunday 14th May 2023

Routes for Sunday 14 May

Cafe ride

Steady ride for all groups

Group 1 - Cake at Petra

Leaders: Ben, Adey and Coops
Departs: 10:30am
Distance: 65 miles - Average Speed: 18-20mph
Route: Llubi, Sineu, Sant Joan, Petra, Can Picafort

Group 2 - Cake at Petra

Leaders: Neil and Ian
Depart: 10:30am
Distance:  60 miles - Average Speed: 17-19mph
Route:  Llubi, Sineu, Petra, Can Picafort

Group 3 - Cake at Petra

Leaders: Claire and Adam
Depart: 10:30am
Distance: 55 miles - Average Speed: 15-17mph
Route: Llubi, Sineu, Petra, Santa Margalida

Group 4 - Cake at Muro

Leaders: Michelle and Simon
Depart: 10:30am
Distance: 35 miles - Average Speed: 15-17mph

Route: Reeds Road, Muro

Group 5 - Cake at Pollença

Leaders: Gordon and Alan
Depart: 10:30am
Distance: 20 miles - Average Speed: 12-14mph
Route: Back lanes to Pollenca