Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Legro training camps?

We go that extra mile to make it better than the rest. For example, your group leaders meet every evening and debrief the days ride, based on their feedback, the next days ride is structured on this information to make your rides better structured and more enjoyable, also, most of your leaders are coaches or have a wealth of cycling experience and are available to give you advise. We have a policy that we leave as a group and come back as a group.

What does the price include?

Half board, free wifi, group leaders and the training camp.


How are the Groups split up?

We have 3 main groups, these are then split into smaller sub groups to keep the group sizes safe and adjust the pace to meet different levels.
Group 1: Our fastest groups which includes elite racing cyclist. Hard pace: 18-22 mph avg. doing 60-100 miles each day.
Group 2: Club and Sportive riders. Steady pace: 16-20mph avg. doing 50-80miles each day – this is our most popular group.
Group 3: Easy leisure riders group. Steady easy pace – 12-16mph avg. doing around 20-50 miles a day.


How many Group leaders are there and how big are the groups?

We have a least 2 group leaders in each group, and the group no bigger than 20 riders.


What if I am not fit enough?

No problem we have a group for all abilities, from fun riders to Elite.


What group do I choose?

We always suggest you go down a group from what you think you should be in, rather than aim high and struggle on your first day. Ask one of the group leaders if you are not sure.

If the group leaders think you are too slow or too fast for the group, they will suggest you move groups. Please understand these suggestions are made for the benefit of the group as a whole.


Do we have café stops?

Yes we do, Group 1 might only stop just to fill up with water but all the other groups will have a stop, the lower the group, the more café stops.

You are responsible for the payment of any drinks/food purchased


Are the rides supported?

All riders need to be self sufficient (carry own spares/water/gels etc) and be responsible for paying for their food and drink purchased at café stops.

On longer rides we have a support vehicle out on the road, for re-filling water, carrying extra food/gillets etc (which you can put in vehicle before the ride).

In the event of a mechanical failure/Accident or rider feeling unwell, the group leader will contact our driver to recover the rider and bring back to base.


Can we bring our partners with us that do not ride bikes?

Yes you can, we do have quite a few partners, non-cyclists that end up going to the markets, excursions etc while their other half is out riding. Some prefer just to lay by the pool.


Is there a discount for non-cycling partners

Yes, 15%


Are there Airport Transfers?

After booking, we will give you details on airport transfers. This is not included in the price but the company we use, group you up to keep costs down. They can take up to 25 including bags and bikes which will be an even split.



In April we use Habitat and Duva apartments. In the Habitat, you can leave your bikes in your room, shared rooms have separate bedroom. Available also for single room occupancy.

The Duva apartments are exactly the same except you have to leave your bike in the secured underground lock up. There is a link to the Habitat apartments on this site on Hotels page.

In May we use the Bahia Apartments, you can leave your bikes in your room on the balcony. Available also for single room occupancy



If you prefer that extra bit of luxury. Twin bedroom is like any hotel (not separate like the Apartments) Available also for single room occupancy There is a link to Duva hotel on the Hotels page.



Half board, breakfast and evening meals are at the Duva hotel restaurant for both Habitat apartments and Duva residents.


Do you have to ride every day?

No, you can do whatever you want, there are excursions if you want to check out some other parts of the Island, a beach nearby and of course the swimming pool that most seem to congregate around enjoying some light refreshments if you just want to chill out.


Are there Bike Rental options?

We recommend 3 affordable rental shops, 2go cycling, Majorca bike hire and Pollensa Cycling, all have a 10% discount if you quote Legro. If you want to spoil yourself ride on a Pinarello like what the Sky riders use. At Pinarello Experience they have a range of bikes to suit you, there is also 10% discount for Legro customers. More info under the “Other info” menu dropdown.


What is the best airline to use?

Most use Easyjet simply because they are cheap and have many locations to fly from, however there are companies like Fly-Thompson’s that are reasonable price and it includes a transfer to the hotel including your bike.