What the Island has to offer

Majorca or Mallorca how ever you want to spell it, is part of the Balearic Islands just off of mainland Spain.

This beautiful Mediterranean Island offers everything you need for either a training camp or a cycling holiday.

  • Flat terrain
  • Rolling hills
  • Mountain climbs
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Good road conditions and friendly drivers
  • Great café stops and the cheesecake is out of this world

Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. The name is derived from the Latin word insula maior which means the larger island, with a coastline of approximately 550km.

Palma is the capital city on the island and of all the towns on the Balearic Islands, Palma contains the most historic sights. Palma has a population of around 300,000 With interesting narrow, clean streets, quiet courtyards, a harbour front and many restored historic buildings, it is always enjoyable to walk around the city of Palma.

Majorca is a cycling mecca because of the terrain and warm weather, Legro’s Training Camp has rides pretty much everywhere on the island, taking in most of the mountains, Orient, Soller, Puig Major, sa Calobra as well as some monastery rides, lluc, San Salvador and Randa and you will experience some of the most beautiful sights in the World.

Legro's Big One

Hilly terrain rising to over 1000m above sea level. Time depends on your fitness and the number of stops Don’t underestimate this ride – there is over three hours of climbing for the average club rider.

Make sure you know the route and have plenty of fuel on board. Enjoy the descents. If you would like some technical tips on descending now is the time to ask. Wind / waterproofs are needed as the weather can change.

Don’t forget to drink whilst climbing. We will have a car out for extra water.

Distance / Time : 5-6 hours 84 miles

Route: Sa Pobla via bumps PM 220, Buger (take the second posted turning), Campanet, Moscari, Selva, Biniamar, Llosetta, PM 211 skirting Alaro, Turn right PM210 towards Soller via, Orient, Bunyola, Col de Soller, (caution rutted descent) Soller NOTE: DO NOT GO INTO SOLLER, HEAD FOR PORT de SOLLER, on to Lluc via Puig Major,C710, Turn Left at the Petrol station towards Lluc Monastery, then home to Pollenca. C710.

Terrain: Long, hard hilly terrain.

Cafe stops:  Bunyola, top of Col De Soller and Calobra kiosk.

Legro's Big One
Legro's Big One Profile

Sa Calobra : The road to nowhere

Calobra is a steep climb with no easy way back. If in doubt chicken out – The refreshment kiosk is an ideal stop for this and wait for
other to return. The return all depends on how long the climb takes, 9 km averaging 1:7 grade.

Distance / Time: 4-5 hours plus

Route: Sa Pobla via “bumps” PM 220, Right towards Buger (use the 2nd posted turning), Campanet, Selva, climb up to the Lluc garage (regroup), onto aquaduct. Regroup at kiosk before turning right to Sa Calobra, at the Calobra kiosk, return to garage where left to monastery and back to Pollenca – superb descent and flat run in.

Terrain: Long Steep climb

Cafe stops: kiosk before turning right to Sa Calobra and at the Calobra kiosk.

Sa Calobra
Sa Colobra Profile

San Salvador

Distance / Time: 4-5 hours

Route: Alcudia, C’an Picafort, C712 towards Arta, RIGHT towards Manacor (top of rise after 2 mile and then left towards Felanitx, SAN SALVADOR. Return via Petre, Maria de la Salut, Sta Margalida rejoining coast road near C’an Picafort Port Pollenca via coast road through Alcudia

Terrain: Rolling roads to monastery climb.

Cafe stop: At top in monastery, worth visiting to view local hero’s of the 60’s World Motor Pace champion’s jerseys.

San Salvador Profile

Randa and Cura Monastery

Distance / Time: 4-5 hours

Route: Alcudia, coast road, Turn right just before Ca’an Picafort PM 341. Right (on minor road) towards Muro, Left at Muro towards Santa Margalida and then shortly right through Sineu, PM 313 to Algaida via Pina (turn right at T junction, then Left to Algaida) which picks up road to Randa. and up hill to Cura. On return from Randa go to Montuiri, St Joan, Petra PM 322 (stop off optional) PM 344 towards Maria de la Salut, Sta. Margalida, Ca’an Picafort, Port Pollenca

Terrain: Rolling roads to monastery climb.

Cafe stop: At the foot of the climb. Super views from the top. Ride on the road where Telecom used to do their interval training.

Randa and Cura Monastery Profile

Formentor Lighthouse

Distance / Time: 30miles / 2 hours

Route: A short but testing ride to the lighthouse at Formentor. We sometimes add a flat warm-up through the lanes or a little recovery loop onto the end.

Terrain: Steep climbs.

Cafe stop: Regroup at the lighthouse


Distance / Time: 105miles / 5-6 hours

Route: An alternative to Legro’s Big One. Out along the flat lands via Sa Pobla and onto Bunyola before starting the first of 2 big climb of the day. First over Coll de Sóller and then onto Valldemossa before returning home via the flat lands.

Terrain: Long climbs.

Cafe stop: Water stop in Bunyola, Lunch in Sóller.